A summary of overcoat by nikolai gogol

Akaky saved the money for roughly six months and then he went shopping with Petrovich. Bureaucrat mainly concerned with demonstrating the power he wields as a supervisor.

The Overcoat Summary

Petersburg, taking overcoats from people; the police are finding it difficult to capture him. I will make you a capital new one, so let us settle about it now. The main theme of the novel was that the father Ashoke was reading The Overcoat on a train journey. In a twinkling it had blown a quinsy into his throat, and he reached home unable to utter a word.

In this version, the Very Important Person whose overcoat Akaky's ghost takes is Akaky's immediate superior Colonel Borzov, and the ending is altered to have Akaky's ghost visit him in his office rather than on his way home in his sleigh, as in the story to take both the overcoat and Borzov's Very Important Person medal and a bag of sugared rusks.

Arrangements were made by the police to catch the corpse, alive or dead, at any cost, and punish him as an example to others in the most severe manner. Akaky, after first traveling in the wrong direction, returns home in a daze.

He bought all the copies and destroyed them, swearing never to write poetry again. On the night of 24 February he burned some of his manuscripts, which contained most of the second part of Dead Souls. Bashmachkin, about fifty, is a quiet, self-effacing man with red hair and a receding hairline.

His superior decides to host a party honoring the new overcoat, at which the habitually solitary Akaky is out of place; after the party, Akaky goes home, far later than he normally would.

The reader must know that the prominent personage had but recently become a prominent personage, having up to that time been only an insignificant person.


Ashoke recalls the most violent, and jarring, moment of his young life: Even though he lost one eye he was successful at what he did. In short, the cloak appeared to be perfect, and most seasonable.

Why did he laugh?

Nikolai Gogol

The chief was cold and quiet so that he would never make an overly friendly relationship with anyone. His body was found face down, which sparked rumors that Gogol was buried alive.

Gogol is noted for his instability of style, tone, genre among other literary devices, as Boris Eichenbaum notes. As for his official status, he was what is called a perpetual titular councillor, over which, as is well known, some writers make merry, and crack their jokes, obeying the praiseworthy custom of attacking those who cannot bite back.

One year, his Overcoat was worn beyond repair, and Akaky Akakyevich saved rubles in his tin for a new coat. His ordinary converse with his inferiors smacked of sternness, and consisted chiefly of three phrases: Where was the money to come from?

The door was open; for the mistress, in cooking some fish, had raised such a smoke in the kitchen that not even the beetles were visible.

Vielhorsky was travelling in hopes of curing his tuberculosis. They carried Akakiy Akakievitch out and buried him. Equally early he developed a talent for mimicry, which later made him a matchless reader of his own works and induced him to toy with the idea of becoming an actor.

Petersburg hired Gogol as a professor of medieval history in The only thing he saw clearly was the general with the paper face on the lid of Petrovitch's snuff-box.A summary of Chapter 1 in Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake.

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'The Overcoat' is a short story written by Nikolai Gogol in It follows protagonist Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin as he struggles with the ramifications of having a worn and ragged overcoat. “The Overcoat” is a story by a Russian author Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol.

Even though most romantics place their main characters on prestigious places in the society Gogol did just the opposite. The main character is an ordinary worker who transcripts books. The Overcoat = The Cloak, Nikolai Gogol "The Overcoat" (Russian: Шинель, translit.

Shinel; sometimes translated as "The Cloak") is a short story by Ukrainian-born Russian author Nikolai Gogol, published in /5. was a multi-genre anthology.

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It aired over the CBS network almost daily from to and included episodes. Episodes shared a time slot with the top-of-the-hour news summary. A stamp depicting "The Overcoat", from the souvenir sheet of Russia devoted to the th birth anniversary of Nikolai Gogol, The story narrates the life and death of titular councillor Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin (Russian: Акакий Акакиевич Башмачкин), an impoverished government clerk and copyist in the Russian capital of St.


A summary of overcoat by nikolai gogol
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