Controversial issues of gun control in todays society

I think that the good will out weight the bad results of gun control. US gun laws give the illusion of equal treatment, but they are actually applied differently according to the race of the assailant, the number of people impacted, and the race of the victim s.

The democrat that was shot was preaching the republicans are getting hate rallies going. By enforcing stricter firearm laws and regulations, these cities hope to remove and stop guns from landing the hands of criminals and those deemed ineligible to own or possess firearms.

Legislative Priorities Gun control advocates make it obviously clear that the intention to control the firearms in the United States in their main priority. The way they say he a liberal. These subjects are responsible for a great deal of tension among Wikipedia editors, reflecting the debates of society as a whole.

Yet very few people at the Stonewall vigil on June 13 seemed concerned about the contradiction between calling for gun control and thanking the NYPD as they surrounded us with barricades and assault rifles.

They will argue that mass shootings pose a more immediate threat than the problems described above homophobia, racism, the injustices of policing and American militarism. But transporting a rifle or shotgun? The easy access and portability of a handgun leaves a wake of destruction for anyone affected by either end of the bullet.

Gun rights activist and Gun control advocates will continue to fuel the gun control debate until one side of the argument can be distinctly obvious as the appropriate action to take in regards to firearms. Handguns are supposed to be used for self-defense, to protect your life and those of others.

But in case after case, I can also tell you that the mass proliferation of handguns has fueled and spread these human tragedies. Even in New York they are saying '' they do not want people with food stamps to buy soda.

The alarming rates at which violent crimes are occurring with the use of handguns at this age group is pushing factions from both sides of the gun debate to reach some type of solution.

If crime rates continue to support that firearm laws and regulations have validity in curbing crime, then support for gun control policy will continue grow and gain further support from the government and the masses alike. Feminist have mentioned that guns play a small role in the violence against women.

Gun laws exist at the federal, state, and local levels, each implementing a particular and distinct set of laws regarding certain rules and regulations on the possession, carrying, and purchasing of firearms. As Benjamin Franklin once so wisely reflected, "Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.Nov 11,  · The gun debate isn't about what you think Experts say we must acknowledge the emotional and cultural meanings guns hold.

Nation 6 months, 1 week ago; Washington Science may emerge from new gun debate.

The Gun Control Controversy

Science may emerge from new gun debate A "chilling effect" on gun violence research has left experts with a host of unanswered questions on the topic. The gun control lobby was composed of Everytown for Gun Safety, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Sandy Hook Promise, Americans for Responsible Solutions, and Violence Policy Center.

The BIG Issues Find some of the most controversial debate topics covering a wide variety of issues ranging from politics and religion to education and society.

What are some controversial issues in today's society?

The controversial debate topics are arranged in a pro-con format that allows keeping our debates organized and ensuring that both sides of a particular issue get equal exposure.

Gun control was a major theme at the June 13 Stonewall Inn vigil in New York City. A call for politicians to “get the guns off the streets” was met with strong applause from the four-thousand-plus crowd, and every elected official who spoke extolled the virtues of gun control and their record on the issue.

The gun control debate has been a political presence that can be traced back all the way to the formation of the National Rifle Association. When the NRA was first brought about, their focus was to train Union soldiers in the ways of marksmanship and instill better rifle skills.

Jan 12,  · What are some controversial issues in today's society? Gun control and the right to bear arms is always open though not too hot, but may get hot with that massacre in Tucson AZ. Controversial issues seen in todays society? What do you think is the most controversial issue in today's society?

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Controversial issues of gun control in todays society
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